Meet Dr. Lona

Welcome! I created this page back in 2013 to have a platform for some of the creative work we are doing. From the books I have written or coauthored for the chiropractic profession to also hosting some of the events and mentoring options that I participate in.

My vision is to keep being creative within my abilities and my love for chiropractic. This has allowed me to use my passion for writing to create several books to help new chiropractors (Just Tell Me Where to Start ? link) and chiropractic teams/CAs (CA/DC Synergy) as well as some books that I have been part of (check out our store and our resources).

Since 2010, I have practiced in Chippewa Falls,WI were I love getting to spend my days helping others though the benefits of chiropractic and the message of health from within. I have been so blessed by chiropractic and its teachings in my life and I want to share and give this knowledge and benefits to others. Thank you for visiting my personal page; if you are looking for one of our practices in wester Wisconsin, their websites there are also linked to this page! If you are a chiropractic student or DC and are looking for our books or just to see what I am up too...hopefully this site has what you need! Thanks for visiting!


Since 2010 I have been blessed to....


*Be intimately involved involved in opening and operating 3 chiropractic practices and the amazing journey of growing practices

*Involved politically in the state of WI with the founding of the Chiropractic Society of WI and its board commitments, most recently as president

*Mentored and coached many young chiropractors

*Written or co-authored over 5 books and other resources for the profession

*Spoken on platforms such New Beginnings, the Wave, MileHigh, United Chiropractic Association, Northwestern Homecoming, and many more.

*Creation of a women's seminar- EVOLVE - that was hosted for 4 years straight 2014-2018


*Created a beautiful family, marrying my husband, Kyle, and having our son Jack in 2015 as well as learning the role as a step mother to 3 older girls.

*Moved and changed cities twice, meanwhile maintaining practices

*Had immense struggles with health of my mother and the trials that families go through as life changes and evolves through tough times.

One thing is consistent to both professional and personal life and that is that my philosophy ( that chiropractic has grounded me in) has helped me create success and fulfillment and keeps me learning and growing. I am so grateful for what chiropractic has blessed my life with in so many ways.


We Have Three Wisconsin Locations

I LOVE our sisterhood of chiropractic practices. We have three wonderful locations, Chippewa Falls, Hudson and Cadott with amazing chiropractors and chiropractic assistants there to serve you and your family. Please feel free to call or email any location directly for more information.

Chippewa Falls Office
PHONE: 715-720-8500

Hudson Office
PHONE: 715-808-9333

Cadott Office
PHONE: 715-978-0600