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launch your practice-download resources- $67

Starting a practice? Weighing options? This is a huge resource for you...

Dr. Lona shares advice after growing 3 successful practices in 6 short PowerPoint/Audios and 14 PDF’s to help YOU get organized!

After opening 3 practices, Dr. Lona has organized much of the start-up process for you! Download this resource today!

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Creating your “all in team”- $67

Need help creating your best team?

Hiring the right teammates and keeping them inspired is so important to a practice. After growing a team that serves in 3 practices, Dr. Lona shares her experience. Here is 2 PowerPoint/Audios and 5 PDF’s to help YOU get organized!

Download this resource today and starting creating your “All In Team”!

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just tell me where to start - Second edition (e-Book)-$9.99

Dr. Lona offers start up advice and how-to on jump-starting your chiropractic practice (and pay off student loans) her 2nd edition book "Just Tell Me Where to Start."

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ca / dc synergy (E-Book)-$9.99

Need help training your CA/staff? Want to grow an ALL IN team?

Use this book to help create better conversations and improve communication and effectiveness of your team.

Meant for both the DC and CA.


Iggy the inchworm
visits the chiropractor-$12.99

A fantastic children’s book describing the visit to a chiropractor. Written by our very own CA-Nadine Bresina! Great to have in the office or order in bulk to give away to patients! Beautiful illustrations and a great story line!

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The top 5 Financial mistakes -$47

Take this money advice and implement it now! Learn how to think about money different, and take action each month towards financial growth and abundance in your life.

This 10 minute PowerPoint/Audio and 5 PDFs will help you organize your financial picture. It’s time to get organized and get profitable!