Blog 27: Creating space, and decreasing stress/drama

How many of us meditate? Daily? and for how long?

My process with meditation has been a slow curve. Dipping my toe in. Guided meditations sporadically (like no more than weekly) for years and then about 2 years ago taking a TM (transcendental meditation) course and getting a deeper look at how more meditation could open up more SPACE. This lead me to a daily practice, but still only about 10 minutes a day.

It was said by someone, if you can only find (or have trouble finding) 10 min to meditate then you are EXACTLY who could use 2 sessions of 20 minutes. HA! Thats me. So it is now in my awareness, that the next step in self care and more SPACE for LOVE, creation, and a continuation of a beautiful life will include being intentional about creating more space and breathing room in my mind.

I see it in my internal and external interactions. In recent years, meditation, yoga/breath-work and good self-care in general has allowed me to have space to pause. A pause can be a split second but it’s important to trust the pause. Reactions can slow down. A breathe or a moment to think is taken before responding (usually) and this can lead to much less DRAMA. It also leads to more self-trust.

A knee jerk reaction can set things in motion you later have to respond to that if given space to breathe (think, trust, come from your heart) you will respond differently. This doesn’t mean life is always filled with easy situations but it can mean navigating decisions and what is meant for you to respond with more ease.

So today, if you are stressed—- take some deep breathes. Look up a you-tube meditation. Think about getting up a few minutes earlier and taking some time to create your day. Also it is good to remember each moment is NEW, you can always breathe and start over. This is not a once and done concept and ENJOY!

Lona Cook