Blog 1. ADIO in Action...with Joy

Hi All! As part of a creative outlet for myself; I want to start writing routinely again about my experiences, lessons, ideas etc. A predominate focus in my world is to look at my inner experience and measure it up with my external experience ( or what I perceive as internal and external.) This is ADIO (Above-down-inside-out) living in action! (aka life is expressed THRU us and not TO us). By doing this , it helps me to gain insight and awareness of how my state is both mirrored and creating my feelings/emotions and actions/reactions in my experiences. We are magnets!!!

An example of what I am talking about; this past week I had dug through some older material I had created for young chiropractors in business and reflected on this process of teaching that I had done quite a bit of in 2013/2014. I took myself through the book and process again.

What happened next…I get a phone call out of the blue, asking me to speak at an event in Chiropractic that I had last spoke at in 2014. Synergy in energy. I had activated a vibration in myself by going through that material and it sent a wave out…activating a response in my external environment. This wave of energy is also what is prompting me to start creating more written content again! Feeling ready to be creative (after looking at some things I had created previously).

My take-away for those of you reading…can you find the synergy in your life this week? What are you activating and experiencing? Do you want to keep activating it? If not, move away from the thoughts, speaking, and actions surrounding it.

Life can be filled with higher emotions of joy, gratitude, abundance, peace…but we have to activate those energies and not default to the lower states. I have those experiences too…but notice that I am talking to you about the synergy that felt good and I want to keep energizing! You can do the same.

Love, hugs and ADIO!

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Lona Cook