Blog 2. The moment is NOW...

As someone who likes to think of themselves as an action taker. The older I get the more I see why having an outlook that “TODAY is the Day” has served me well. What do I mean by that?

WE only have Now. There is never a better time. When an Idea hits, its time to put something into motion NOW. It is common to hear many people talking of holding off on dreams, whether to start a business, go on a vacation, stop eating poorly… whatever it is …because they are waiting for a better time to start….which is why they are always waiting. If we wait until all ducks are in a row…we will see the idea meet the grave.

Having a ready, aim, fire attitude can lead to never firing. On the flip side, having a fire, ready, aim attitude is careless. There is a gray area…of preparation, discipline, gathering ideas, tools, needs to make your dream a reality but there has to be a point at which you pull the trigger.

Today, we are having yet another snow day…which can feel frustrating because we love seeing our people in office/ so snow cancelations feel like a drag. So rather than look at it that way, I reframe, its a project day I am being gifted. So its time to ready, aim, and FIRE on some projects I have been brewing in my mind and gathering resources on.

Lastly, with this mentality of moving the needle faster on projects and dreams, I find its helpful to keep a written log of your process. Example: “This week I met with a graphic designer, I did this action step.” Next week, I may revisit my written notes and realize another step that needs to be taken. I keep track of where I am in my process until goal completion.

Those who start get so much farther then those who are never ready.

SO where are you at in your read, aim, fire? Is it time to make a decision and some new action NOW?

Lona Cook