Blog 3. Fresh Eyes to See the World; and Your Business.

Having Jack has been such a beautiful gift (as I am sure most parents can relate); one of the best parts of being with a little person is their fresh look at life and fresh eyes. They are wise in there fresh view point….we can all use a heaping dose of this in our lives.

Jack and I flew through the night last night to visit my brother in LA. From watching the planes as we rushed to get to our gate; to talking about the lights of the “big city” as we landed. To just being excited about something every step…its just so fun and refreshing! As we age, most of us tend to lose this in many ways of our life; but certainly we can lose it easily in the repetitive, our habits, and unconscious majority of our day.

What I take away most from these moments with Jack is the need we all have for true JOY (in the little things), FRESH eyes to a situation (seeing something as new again, whether it is new, or looking at it from a different perspective) and remembering not to forget to PLAY!

SO in business I try to apply this; do I find joy and gratitude for the small parts of practice and business? Sometimes when I am in the practice alone, about to lock up, I just feel so at peace. The gift that the space there has offered me of being able to fulfill my dreams, help people, and keep creating is such a great feeling. It just feels good. I try to relish that in those moments.

Fresh eyes-in business this can come from getting new material in your awareness, whether a book, mentor, coach, seminar or just changing up the daily flow. When one of our team-mates goes on vacation (or I do) its always a mini shake-down to learn something new because the flow shifts. Look at these situations that shake things up as opportunities to learn! Take the opportunity.

Lastly, play!!! I think the most successful people have found a way to use their passion and fun in their day-to-day “work.” And if you are not one of those, who finds joy and play in your j-o-b….there is always time to shift, change or again find some fresh eyes!

Off to go hike, and get a new vantage point with Jack-o - cheers!

Lona Cook