Blog 7: OHHHH....the responsibility....

What is the greatest responsibility we all have? Whether we are aware of it, or not?

Is it financial, kids,….our health?

NOPE - its our state. Recently one of my mentors, Lisa Thelen, said to me, how much time a day are you spending in self care? I thought she meant, reading, working out, meditating? And she did….kinda.

She was implying how often are you truly checking into your state and putting priority on where you are at internally? Joy? Frustration? Love? Peace? Shame? Acceptance? Where is your guidance system ( energy and emotions) pointing ? How does it feel? How soon can you shift your state to wear you want it?

I hadn’t really thought of it it that way. Thinking of self care now in this light….of things I do, ways I BE, that lead to being more continuously in the state I CHOOSE is a huge step forward. It is also a huge responsibility.

I am reading Bruce Liptons, Honeymoon effect, which is largely based on this same concept of really listening to your instinct and learning about your conscious and subconscious minds in order to change our state and what what we are attracting in (to our lives) due to this default state. It’s an amazing read; and again is placing so much responsibility. Want to change something? Learn to check your state and then shift. Even if the outworld is not initially really different, you are going to feel better. Thats a shift.

Don’t beat yourself up with this responsibility either. Make it light hearted. We are all going to continually experience “contrast” (as Esther Hicks puts it) or experiences that feel unwanted or challenging. The blessing here is that they can help us call in more awareness to what we do want. So make sure you again start, feel, excite over what you do want…..not fixate on more of the negative.

Lastly, in Bruce LIptons descriptions he gets into discussing our energy field in a quantum model; but puts it in a simple light. Your energy (is frequency) emanating from your body - it has a pattern to it. Others energy, may be coherent to that pattern. And some are not. When you are in a good state, and you feel someone you are gravitating towards and it feels good = thats probably a good thing to trust. When you are not in a good place (shame, fear, anger etc) and you feel something that you are gravitating towards….(similar frequencies) ….probably a good time to pause. We want to have our life be filled with joy, peace, love, acceptance, courage etc. Not the opposite.

So join me today, and check in…especially when you register lower states and shift back to thoughts that bring you back up to those higher states!

Lona Cook