Blog 8: One habit that will change your life

Decluttering. and then Decluttering again. and then again.

One of the best “habits” I have cultivated in my adult life is routinely going through and declutter. (Everything) I remember as a child having to clean my room and it would take all day. Too much stuff! This may be where you are at…and the thought of decluttering feels overwhelming.

Start small. Start with a drawer. Get ideas of inspiration (Pinterest, minimalist, Marie Kondo) and ask….how reduced down can that drawer get? What do you really need? What do you actually use or touch in the last year? In the last 6 months? In the last 3 months? What needs to be thrown or replaced?

We all have a tendency towards choas and so the need to continually declutter is an ongoing habit. I now notice that cleaning a closet or doing a drawer takes 10 minutes. For the most part, once the initial decluttering is done….it should never take that long again.

As you know if you have read my blogs, I am big into thinking about the energy of our actions and life. When there is clutter or closets stuffed full, it does not allow for more to flow. In Feng Shui this is an energy - no-no.

You will get better at this as you continue. You also will see how you had needless attachment to too many things. I think one thing that helped me flex this muscle of decluttering was the first 8 years of my adult life I moved apartments every year…. after several moves you decide, “I need less stuff.”

Last point here, once the decluttering is done, think about what is continuing to come into your life as clutter…is it items you have auto-subscriptions to? Do you really need more? Think about not buying more until you really need something and then you buy higher quality so it last you longer…

What can you declutter today? It’s going to feel good! For me, last week was the fridge, this week was our closet! It feels healthier being in a space that is organized. Take care of your environment.

Lastly, you will end of u saving money too…because you will know where your things are! Enjoy!

Lona Cook