Blog 9: Fun vs. Not Fun

First of all, I am into law of attraction and being in high vibe states…it just feels GOOD! It feels great when you are seeing all the greatness around you. It could be staring at your child (check out the adorable pic of Jack with his baby) and feeling all the love. It could be the inspiration from the projects you are working on and how it makes you feel purposeful and content. Or seeing synchronicity in your life and feeling gratitude for being part of this intelligent Universe.

At any rate, I definitely prefer to spend the dominant part of my conscious thought on these feelings, emotions, and thoughts. With that said, sometimes there care be not-fun things you get to experience for contrast. I used to feel like these things were never supposed to happen. But that was like sticking my head in the sand and not recognizing that there is much to be learned from the contrast.

This week, we had a “unfun” experience in the office. And without too much detail…I can see multiple things I can learn from it; and potentially there are many positive changes or shifts that come out of this contrast. My point here is…use these moments that feel hard, disruptive, challenging, under fire, or just plain un-fun to take inventory. What is there to learn? How does it feel in your body? Ask, how am I showing up in the world that may need to shift or is being challenged? What is happening around me? What role do I play in this? And then do what many people don’t ….accept the responsibility (of this experience) and make a few tweaks.

Lastly….and most importantly, carry on with the HIGH VIBE STATES!!! MWAH!

Lona Cook