Blog 10: Building better days...into building the BEST days

I assume most people think like me. (This may not be the case haha). Change sometimes feels like it has to be all or nothing. I am learning this is not accurate. As I am gaining more life experience, I am seeing how most change is gradual and actually the “all or nothing” mentality generally leads to frustration and more difficulty.

One thing that has been a gradual improvement for me has been creating my day - tuning in and really using my time when I raise (pre-dawn) moments to create the day. This is sacred time for me. I dare say for most people, if this time could be utilized - even for 10 minutes- it will change your life for the better. So what do I do? or maybe a better question…how am I prepping my “BE”

I used to be more militant about my am (this was pre-Jack) - gotta get up - work out, write goals, or do some meditation- and it was very much a set series of actions. Now, after having a baby/toddler/preschooler I have learned to be flexible with it but still use those moments to connect.

So what does my am usually include: (early rising )and 30-60 minutes of:

*Meditation (calm breathing and letting go of thought)

*Journaling or writing / visioning how I would like to see my life and my day or time spent writing gratitudes sometimes this is also envisioning ideas of how to work through something

*Movement (this one has always been key for me - it is such an easy way for me to raise my energy). Remember it could be as short as 5-10 minutes of movement.

Some hints for interruptions: when Jack wakes up early during this time, I may lay with him and just feel the gratitude. If he stays up, we do yoga together (aka he does it for 5 minutes and then has fun trying to sit on me).

When its the weekends, I may not get up as early but still do the meditation and save my work out for later in the day. Flexibility has allowed me to continue this ritual but use it for creating a great life. Ohh…and coffee. Coffee is definitely part of the ritual.

Ultimately its about tuning into self - true self care. Lastly, times in our life that we feel more pressure or stain, the more sacred the ritual. xo!

Lona Cook