Blog 11: When left alone...

For so many of us, we are in a culture of DOOOO…do …do..and more do. There is always something their to take our minds off of ourselves and our state. It has become the normal to have many things seeking your attention at once. As I am writing this, my son is talking to me, he is watching Bingo and Rolly, I’m typing on my computer, laundry in, crockpot heating, and I can think of several more things I want to do.

I get it….busy-ness is “normal.” Even if its the busy-ness of your phone dinging and emails come in. This is why it’s more important than ever for you (and your nervous system) to have key points in the day to be relaxed, without distraction and/or in a state of flow (where you are in the moment).

Its also why, in a world or never-ending things you can DO, carving time out to be alone. And Liking yourself when you are alone and your thoughts is so important. Spend time with yourself. Spending time with those closest to you without TV and phones and connecting back into our deeper, more animal aspect of ourselves.

I meditate daily, and write my thoughts out several times a week. Running and yoga are also times that I can get in a nice “flow.” Adjusting is also flow for me….I can just be with the person on the table, be present with them and give a great adjustment. These times in your day generally are ENERGIZING! Another reason why they are so important for your wellbeing.

This weekend, Kyle and I, went up North to an off-grid cabin for a night. Having 24 hours with no-agenda and no kids…whoa…whole new world. It felt …..weird. Good. But weird. Remember to give yourself these gifts of time spent….not doing.

We are not meant to be captive to technology dings and notifications. We are not meant to multi-tast 24/7 with out periods of relaxation. Don’t forget in the busy-ness that your life is right now…have you checked in with you lately? You don’t have to have it all together to create a zen experience. It could be 5 minutes that you sit in a room and close your eyes (away from technology) and try to just let thoughts float by. It also could be sitting on grass in the sun, going for a walk, thinking of a list of your gratitudes; really anything that helps bring more ease into your physiology! Now carve these moments into each day! xo!

Lona Cook