Blog 5: Can you see the ripples of your state?

This weekend, Shelby, Amanda and I got to watch, learn, and experience learning from a masterful chiropractor, Katina Manning. Her fluidity, love, joy for life, and love for others is evident in her art, her expression of chiropractic.

A group of us congregated to learn from her, and really watch her; and I believe most of us are wanting to find more of these qualities in ourselves and help others to do the same. It is easy to see how her state (this joy, this love of life) ripples off of her and attracts all of us. She has a way of putting you at ease and really SEEING you. And this seeing is loving and non-judgmental.

At one point this weekend, she expressed that your wounds or the places that you carry heaviness can be transformed into your strength, your power, your ability to fully feel and connect to yourself and your life and others. I believe this also to be true.

All of us have the ability to see where we carry the weight, the burden, a darker experience or thought pattern trauma and transform it. Forgive it. As you forgive, connect, let go, your state shifts, lifts and expresses more of YOU. The YOU at the core that is love. Let go of the hurt and fear. This process can just keep continuing. AS we know ourselves deeper, forgive our shame, resentments etc, we shift our energy pattern and our lives shift allowing different experiences to be magnetized in.

This work of moving into love, joy, peace etc and holding that space for yourself and others is the most powerful idea I know because this is true transformation. As our states shift the outer world also evolves due to the electromagnetic nature of our being. Most of this are now aware of “Law of Attraction,” however I think sometimes we forget this LAW is the nature of your being and your vibration or tone; whether you are aware of it or not ….you are attracting. My question then to ask is what could be more important than your state if its dictating what is called into your life experience? How can you pause in your day to get your state where you want it to be?

Lona Cook