Blog 6: Versatility and Jack on FB live...

ahhh versatility….?

Such a great word; sounds so light.

Google tells me its the “ability to adapt.” When painted in this light, versatility becomes more than just a light-hearted word of ease, it sounds like survival. I was thinking about versatility and the ability to role with what life is showing you.

On Friday, I was blessed by being interviewed by another powerful woman, Dr. Devin Vrana, on International Women’s Day, and in the beginning of our FB live (like 15 seconds into it) Jack …who’s 3…decides to join in the video. (I had hoped he would stay watching Paw Patrol which he usually can veg out to)

He comes on screen and you can see where he is planning to keep his butt in front of the camera. It was time for me to move….before it ended with a Naked 3 year old butt on FB live. It was funny; probably mainly for me; but its like a good analogy of life. Prep, show up, take action and adapt. I enjoyed Jack’s Debut.

Versatility in Mothering lately has come in pivoting focus. Three year olds do great when you can just shift their focus or move locations. I also have learned to gently guide, but be versatile in how things play out.

Versatility in Relationships is also on my mind. Later that day, I went to visit my mom who is now in a nursing home. Her struggle these past three years has also taught me to navigate my own struggle in witnessing those you love suffer. I can suffer if I focus on the pain or compare to my old relationship with her. I also can adapt, shift my focus and see the blessings she has given us through this unplanned learning curve of her health decline. Being versatile in how you accept those you love in your life; we all are going to experience change.

Versatility in Business: Willingness to keep learning. Adapting to keep each year fresh. Staying engaged in projects and ideas I can be excited about. After visiting my mom, I had lunch with a long time friend, Dr. Lauryn Brunclik. She is always witty and thoughtful. We discussed many ideas for collaboration and business that keep my mind expanding and exciting. Versatility in creation! SO FUN!

Ultimately, being versatile has given me perspective. Things can change at any moment. Some things must end so other ideas can start. Just relax and enjoy the process and the learning curves that come with change and new life cycles.

Lona Cook