Blog 15: Staying Open...versus missing the miracle

Have you ever thought about how much you possibly miss in a day?

From being absorbed in the day-to-day or thinking-you already know how something is or just willingly letting your head sink into the sand….

Even when you pride yourself on being an open and aware human, it can be frightening to realize how much of your day-to-day experience is on autopilot or just sorta filled in.

One thing I have noticed as I have become a more aware human is how many synchronistic events, coincidences, and amazing opportunities seem to unfold basically every day. At first I thought it as confirmation of my change of pace (being more aware, more in the NOW) …and to some extent it is that.

I also realize I think we ALL are ALWAYS experiencing synchronistic events it just depends on what you are synching to….

Now I also wonder how many of these synchronistic events are still passing by and I don’t notice them…probably 99%. It is amazing as we start to see the order, connection, true INTELLIGENCE present in all ….ALL. When we don’t look for the miracle; when we don’t see the order or intelligence in our lives…I now know it’s because we aren’t being present to it. We also get to recognize the frequency we are broadcasting a that sets the TONE for ALL in our life.

So are you synching to struggle, pain, unhappiness? (that feeling is generally not one we are consciously trying to repeat and yet we can synch up with it for many reasons…shame, blame, unworthiness to name a few) I know I am not alone in my unconscious ability to punish myself.

Or are you synching with ease, joy, purpose, divine timing to your sense of life accomplishment? I know which one I choose…and yet, at times I am unconsciously (or consciously) falling from grace…and here’s the kicker, you can choose to synch back up to what you choose.

So today, stay open! What are you receiving? What are you synching up with…is it what you choose….can you be an open conduit for higher states of love, joy, expansion and help others to anchor within themselves too?

Lona Cook