Blog 13: Change of plans...

I’ll admit. I’m a control freak. Recovering …but I like when things go the way I feel I can “plan” or for-see.

I have learned that some of the best things in my life, I did not plan and I would not have been able to see the magnitude or joy in advance. For this reason (as well as too much desire to control everything is just a hard way to live) I have learned to embrace what comes.

With this said, I still reallllllllly like when things go within the guidelines of what I had planned. This morning, a great example, I am supposed to go to Palmer (in Iowa) today for a meeting for our state associations, hang out with some of my favorite DCs (who I get to spend time with on our board) and TOUR BJ Palmer’s house! ahhhh! (chiro geek but still!) I was really looking forward to it!

However, mother nature (again) decided to give a nice winter APRIL storm and here I sit, still in WI and my visit to Palmer isn’t going to happen. Sometimes this gives me some anxiety when things deviate. Like I should be following the plan I thought I had. What I have learned to have fun with …is to think….okay, what does this open up?

SO today, I get to spend more time on some new projects! Creation gives me so much joy that when a change of plans happens that seems out of my control it feels best for me to just think…okay its time for a new map. I’m getting new opportunities….so whats going to be created today?

Usually a re-frame helps everything! So if you are like me and learning to hold onto life loosely instead of white-knuckling it…what change of plans could feel better to you? Can you learn to find humor or opportunity in it?

Lona Cook