Blog 14: Choose the experience....whatever is new....

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a gala in NYC with my gal-pal- DEV. It was on a Tuesday night. We had to be in black-tie attire. We got to take pictures and meet DR. Oz…I also was in FULL (caked on) makeup. I don’t think I have ever had that much on my face. The whole 9 yards and all of it….. isn’t my normal MO.

It was something I never would have guessed I would have gone to/done. But it was AWESOME! Super fun and a super shake up to my normal routine. New conversations. Different conversations. BIG visions. Different people. Different everything from my normal routine.

I love to do this sort of thing. Shake it up. So when opportunities come; I have learned to say “YES” and take the detour to a new experience.

I think most of my growth in life and in business has come from being willing to try, think, and facilitate something new. Learning more about myself in the process. Going for the new experience; doing my best to keep an open mind and heart.

Now traveling to NYC on a Tuesday for 24 hours….maybe not everyone’s cup of tea…but the concept can be applied to everything. So what can you do out of the normal today. Shake things up. Spark a new converation in your mind or out in the world?

Lona Cook