Blog 18: Outdated? Prehistoric?

The clearer I center myself. Through yoga, through meditation, through cleaner living the better I become at listening to the communicating that my system is giving me (mind body spirit connection).

I realize that in the past. I had a bad habit of being so stubborn and unable to make a new choice. Now I am not going to say I am totally over this trait without fault but it has become easier to recognize when making a new choice is a good one.

The great news is, our system is WAY in-tune even when we are not. So as you become more aware that your body (mind-body-spirit whole that is) is a tuning fork for your life… you can start to tune it properly.

How does it feel when you treat yourself with too much alcohol? Once? or 4x a week?

How does it feel when you hold resentments? Infrequently or Every day?

How does it feel when you make yourself a martyr and no one is asking you to?

You see we live in an age where we are all waking up to deeper truths. Deeper truths that no one is responsible for your life but you. No Disney movie is going to happen unless you create it.

Forcing yourself to suffer by taking ill care of your system only leads to more suffering. Some of the old mantras are not working. Working to the bone to think you’ll really LIVE in your retirement is an old way. Self sacrificing for everyone else in your family and thinking that’s best for them is an OLD way.

We can let some of these systems have some holes for new light to come in. What if we create a little more balance? What if we find meaningful work we don’t dread? What if we put our own care on the list too? What is nothing is set in stone and can be changed? What if….

Lona Cook