Blog 17: All the feels...

Where do you derive the most satisfaction in your life?

Where do you sometimes pause and just think… thank you! thank you! thank you! ?

These are the juicy areas of life that you can feel wonderment easily. Wonderment is a word I just learned this year (from Dr. Amanda) it means a state of awe, admiration, or respect (per google). Wonderment is a beautiful concept to let sink in and search out in your life.

I feel wonderment when I snuggle my baby. I feel wonderment for my body’s ability to create life. I feel wonderment for the peace I have sitting in my house right now…warm, fed, snuggled.

Sometimes when I am locking the doors to the practice, I have wonderment to how much gratitude I feel towards the gifts Cook Chiropractic has brought into my life. Hopefully we all can find big and small wonderments in our lives…

When your feeling wonderment its easy to find reasons to see it around you.

When you are not in that space, it can feel challenging. This is where the work is done. Can you find gratitude in the pain you carry? What has it opened up for you? Can you see the wonderment that may come attached to it? This also may help to take the edge off the pain.

I look for it often in trying to understand more of my mom’s suffering and how that has impacted my family and myself. There is pain still, like seeing a picture of her smiling and missing her presence. However, I do hold space that there is wonderment wrapped up in struggle too. Looking for more of it, generally helps…and that is why I share this today! Sit in the wonderment that comes easily when it does…and look for it in other circumstances.

Lona Cook