Blog 19: LOVE... the kind that grows.

Marriage has been a trip in growth. Who’s with me? Whew. Good thing they don’t tell you that before you get married. ;-) Most of us watched enough Disney movies to be sold bill of goods that looked like…wear your pink dress, let your hair grow, and a long lost prince will find you. The end. Unfortunately thats about as much counseling on marriage as I can remember.

Somehow, my own storyline was not in Disney’s movies. I cut my hair and ended up in the learning curve of love that wasn’t taught in Aladdin. You know what though, it’s good. It’s hard but worth it. Being with another person (whether married or not I imagine) for YEARS, through hard sh*t in life, through hard times in your marriage grows the heck out of your person.

Now it may not feel or seem like this is what you thought you were getting into (thanks Disney); but I imagine it’s exactly what your soul needs to grow and accept more love of SELF and OTHERS. We learn how to grow in unconditional love. There is all these other layers to “love” that I had never thought about pre-marriage. And the love I feel towards my child…. Ahhhh it’ so awesome!!! Yet earlier in my life I had no idea of these layers or heights of love.

Love, as I am learning, has less to do about the princess dress and prince charming and more to do about self love, forgiveness, willingness to forgive of self and others, letting go of control and taking things as they come and then bigger levels of love can move in! So here is to taking marriage and life step by step and learning how to grow. It’s worth it!

Lona Cook