Blog 21: Flexibility (in life) and habits that help!

Over the past 4 years, from growing new businesses, changing teams, birthing/baby/toddler/preschool jack, moving/buying/selling houses, having a not-well mom etc its fair to say that having a rigid protocol for how my day-to-day operates is not real. What has stayed true the entire time though, was a need to take care of myself. The “busier” I seem, the more this is true. This looks different for everyone….and for me, day-to-day, it looks different. It has to to allow LIFE to happen and be-with the changing needs….but Its still in my day-to-day.

Lately, with more stability of how time and schedules (and sleep-Jack) work in my household, I may have a traditional get up early and focus on ME (sometimes) - Run 20 min, Meditate 10 min - Write and/or read. I feel grounded, on purpose, more alive when I start my day this way.

However, sometimes its only 5 minutes (maybe a meditation or a moment to breathe); sometimes it may just be my drive to work and using it for silence and thinking of what I am grateful for or listening to youtube/podcast for a few minutes thats going to help me start my day off right… but I am aware of being intentional with the time thats given to me.

I am also intentional about finding time for what I need to stay healthy me. I may need to get Jack moving with me, or put on snow pants with him. My yoga studio has a child care option—brilliant!

So what do you put into your day? For all of us movement is pretty much a non-negotiable thing that if IN our day would make our days better. I joke (not joking) that I am a nicer person if I had a workout. SO be sure if I miss movement first thing in the morning, later in the day I try to at least get a walk in or some movement that gets my blood flowing. It truly could be 10 minutes but it still counts! Get those good hormones flowing!

So what are the things that you can get creative about that help you fill your cup every day? Find them and hang on to them ….of course….with a flexible grip. ;-)

Lona Cook