Blog 20: Think back...The past decade…any MAJOR shifts in your life?

Blog 20: Sometimes it’s fun to do some backtracking…

Looking back to where things were 5 years ago? 10 Years ago? 15 years ago …. Where has there been massive shifts? Where has there been gradual change? Are you doing things you never even conceived possible for yourself? What was the road that got you there? In my experience you take it step by step. Some experiences cause change quickly. Other experiences will be part of a slow change.

In the moment all change is not always pleasant, however hindsight is 20/20 & you can see many of the connections, growth, evolution that has transpired. It IS work at times and rewarding to stop and reflect. I find it comforting to think about that there are countless opportunities to change and evolve and this is where choice comes in.

When I reflect on this past 10 years (since I graduated chiropractic school) so many aspects of my life have radically changed. However there is much of my personality that probably has been retained. Through choice and experience, there is some LARGE shifts in my way of being, ways of thinking, and how I represent my deeper self outwardly and inwardly. Much of this change has been a day-by-day evolution with a few (or more) speed traps and curves.

SO I asked myself the above question…what were major catalysts for life change in this past 10 years???….

I came up with: opening practice (taking that step), growing my knowledge and trust in this INTELLIGENCE we are part of, helping others and seeing their traumas and transformations, growing through various teachers and seminars (seeking out mentors). Finding and feeling my way into more leadership roles, learning how to look within and change and repeat, getting married and all that Kyle’s taught me in this relationship and learning to become more INTERdependent instead of INDEPENDENT, BIRTHING (Jack of course - and other ideas), moming and the love that keeps deepening. I realize that change and evolution can be graceful or with gritted teeth.

There has also been the transformation (with gritted teeth) of what I formally experienced as a stable family unit of mom, dad, brother in the past and in my mind. This has been quite difficult but has also created much more awareness to the wide array of human emotion, struggle and experience.

I would say this past 10 years has been about birthing myself as a powerful woman. I started the decade more in tune with masculine power…with ASSERTIVE DOING. I am ending it more in tune with receiving and opening up the more gentle aspects of the power we all hold when we LISTEN WITHIN!

Lona Cook