Blog 12: You get to place the meaning...what's the narrative?

A thought I am having this week is …on any of our circumstances, the meaning, or the thoughts we think about it give it a meaning.

It may be a meaning we enjoy. (Like the love you feel looking at a baby; or the pride you have after you accomplish something).

And it may be an experience that has created much suffering. The catch is, we get to choose. Now you may be thinking…something…just is. That the best thing is to just accept life as it happens; on one level I agree with you…accepting life is important. However, we also still create many thoughts around how we “accept it” and how we give meaning and thoughts to the process.

Example: In starting a new business, many people will insinuate that its risky or difficult or going to be a hard process. You can “accept” this version of the picture they are painting. Or you can choose your own. Instead your internal dialogue could be ….”I love going through this process of creating my dream career; I am willing to work for it. I am enjoying the process.”

Example: Something tragic may have occurred. It may have caused a lot of suffering. Its easy in these situations to feel the suffering and all these deep emotions and become jaded to the world. However, also present in these situations are gifts. Gifts of learning empathy for suffering. Gifts of seeing life from a different perspective because you are changed. For me, witnessing the struggle of my mom (and as a by-product my father and myself) has changed me in many ways. It has made me much more able to relate to some of the lower vibrational states that people experience and empathize.

It has also made me more aware of my own internal state and wanting to select how I view my life. Finding meaning, and learning in all experiences helps us move on and stay engaged in creating our best life.

It is sometimes very necessary to look at experiences you are struggling with and reframe them. Choose a different narrative. You are entitled to that gift…of changing your thoughts and the meanings you place.

Lona Cook