Blog 23: And really none of us are in the same arena...

“If you are not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I am not interested in your feedback.” -Brene Brown

I do love this quote. It’s helpful to remember as most of us are programed to avoid negative feedback or take feedback as truth. Unfortunately by avoiding experiences or playing smaller (because we are trying to avoid feedback) leaves you feeling uninspired because you are not going after your dreams.

The other thought that pops into my head about this quote is that really none of us are in the SAME arena when we get down to it. WE are all coming from different experiences, pasts, traumas, successes etc with different thoughts, ideas, visions for our lives. So ultimately this brings us back to the point that -really the only feedback that matters is our own. We are the only one in the arena with ourselves. And generally we are our greatest critic.

If we are willing to remember this. We can also re-frame our inner critic and shift the thoughts to allow us to take a new path. Be out (as our true self) in this world.

I know for myself, sometimes I ‘think’ I am “out” and being vulnerable. And then I will realize I have a lot more I want to share or create and that I am still holding back for fear of not finding acceptance, not measuring up, or many other fake-truths that I can convince myself are real. These are self-created and self imposed ceilings but they feel real.

SO remember, you are in the arena with yourself; play into your inner coach and strength and use it to become aware and stretch. Thank your inner critic when it shows up and remember, its just you….and you can shift your thoughts. There is much more freedom to BE in this world than most of us allow ourselves.


Lona Cook