Blog 24: Confidence...and self judgment.

I had to take this picture the other day. He just finished yogurt (still all over his face), put his sun glasses on (which he is obsessed with), and headed to the bathroom. The smile says it all. He’s feeling cool. Yogurt face and all.

Sometimes I wonder if its possible to get this child-confidence back? As well as this drive to stay in a space of joy a majority of the time. Could we have yogurt all over our face and still smile like that for a camera? It may look ridiculous as a an adult but the heart of the matter to not even have the slightest thought of being concerned of judgment.

Most of us can not remember the last time our day-to-day was not influenced by what others thought. It’s human, we judge. But to use small children as a perfect example of how joyful life could be on a daily basis if we just stopped worrying about what people thought. And just let our life shine because that is our natural state.

The real kicker of judgment is it makes us shape shift to be something that isn’t always authentic and that hurts us all. So what would you choose to do with your day if there was no judgment? What would you express? What new outlets to be YOU in this moment could you find? The more congruent and authentic we allow ourselves to be…the better.

The more we move into loving ourselves and loosening the holds of judgment that we have passed on ourselves and others…the better our life gets. I know the judgments I have passed have not only hurt others but hurt me. We swallow our own poison … it feels better to loosen the grip on the judgements we hold to. We can all have permission to change.

Lona Cook