Blog 25: Sweet Summer time...and more energy

Seasons. This weekend; a weekend of Summer!!! Sunshine, water, being in the grass, bug-bites! And…we are blessed with more hours in the daylight, more light from the sun. I am sure most of you feel like I do….More ENERGY. It’s so much easier to get up and work out when the sun is already up at 5:00. It’s like whether I care to admit it or not, winter feels like a period of subtle or not so subtle hibernation.

Today, because this weekend felt so good…Let’s chat….what are my favorite summertime experiences for health and more energy?

  1. Getting Near The water - it feels like you could just let go of all stress when you are by the water. I love the peace of being on the paddle board on a still lake, or sitting next to water by the dock drinking coffee and being alone. Jack and I went to the public pool and public beach this weekend. Proximity to water is good for the soul.

  2. Another favorite is being outside without shoes. Grounding/earthing as much as possible and same for Jack. Letting our skin (without the soles of shoes) be in contact with the earth and connect deeper to the rhythm and energy of earth. The Earth is electromagnetic and so are we. Feel choatic? Get connected to the ground daily. It’s easy to do with kids too, since virtually no kids want to wear shoes in the summer.

  3. Sun. I am not scared of it. It our life source. Being in sunshine daily allows for vitamin D levels to rise in your body. Having time in the sun even a little every day is so important for our health. Especially up here where we are deprived and inside most of the time for negative temperature in the winter. Yes- Avoid frying yourself; get some organic sunscreen and then get out daily!

  4. Connection! Whether time hiking, on the lake, cooking out, playing at the park etc. People are out and about. It’s a great time to get connected with those you love. More to do. No snow days. Less screen time. Less Summer makes it easy to plan get-togethers and fun which also are part of being healthy!

  5. And lastly the food, the heat naturally makes us crave lighter foods. Fruits and veggies. Farmer markets. Less heavy foods. Eating foods with higher energy (their natural form) for our cells. Eat a whole tin of blueberries. Go to the farmers market and try new things. Feed your body food that you know where it came from!

OHHHH this is the best time of year…when we have the whole summer ahead of us! Cheers!

Lona Cook