Blog 27: Your peeps....Who's got your back?

Frequently, I look around at my life and look at how things are changing. I see how different periods of my life have been marked by different mindsets, purposes, values, or specific intentions. With each “period” of life there are different people who are involved closely or loosely in my life.

Since I was little, and playing softball I have always liked being surrounded by people (and for the most part teams of women). I liked calling out the count (2 outs, runner on 2nd etc) to my team and knowing they have back and I have theirs. Your team was a group of people who had the vision to win together and each of us was going to do our part. This was training ground for me for the future.

As life transitioned into college, my new team was now my roommates and best-friends. We grew into adults together; and thank GOD there was not as much social media/videoing happening back then. These girls were my new family and we shared so much fun (SO MUCH) and a few tears together! I knew they had my back and I had theirs.

Now, I find myself 10 years into practice. Years into growing this mission in our community and world. I frequently look at the people I serve with and see again a “team” that I feel proud of and inspired by. We are linked by our purposes and visions. They are another family to me.

After now decades of being intricately involved in close, successful teams; a few things I can see.

One…shared ground is important. It unifies the team. Discussing commonalities and what unites you is IMPORTANT. This helps keep each person aware of where the team is headed too.

Two…trust. Each has to communicate well with each other to ensure trust isn’t lost. This is going to take effort to understand each other. Learn the nuances of communication for each person. This is a two way street and if it’s not working both ways with support, challenge, and growth then it’s not a relationship.

Three…there is hard moments, but it all should NOT be hard. There will be struggles, losses, traumas, but those should be infrequent compared to the positives. A team can not thrive in survival mode. Dramas need to be let go off…and go back to the common ground and the mission the team exists. If that can not be done, it may be time to re-evaluate. Change may be pressing near.

This can be the hardest part. Realizing change will come and that time will continue to change everything. It’s amazing to watch it all unfold; stay in gratitude for those serving with you and the process of change.

Lona Cook