Blog 26: Neutrality - Thorns and Flowers.

Morning!! If you are like me, you can spend a lot of time in your head trying to understand a situation, a person, an experience, or yourself. (this is why meditation is so great - to quiet) Our internal worlds are messy. Our realties are no one else’s. My internal world has moments of gratitude, love and high feelings and also feelings of fear, anger, and sadness.

What I have become more and more aware of is we can start to chose those thoughts and reframe our internal state if we don’t like what we are feeling. We can start to make new choices and that begins with shifting our thoughts.

Through difficult experiences that I have felt unprepared for, life offers crash courses in learning this wide array of feelings and we become more compassionate to the internal struggles we each face (whether we know anything about it or not). So how do we find a “reframe” in the face of our grief, sadness, fear, anger etc.

We look at it (our emotions, the triggering event/person etc) and then we ask…the tough question. How could I see this experience from a different point of view? Is there anything I could learn here? Is there any benefit I receive? Sometimes we are benefiting by creating self sabotage. Sometimes we are benefiting by staying a victim. Sometimes the experience (though it seems unwanted) is keeping us safe. Sometimes we are ready to move on.

These are deep question to start exploring. There may not be a clear answer. I do find in my own life, we can see positive and negative in almost all experiences. Then it becomes a question of: what aspect would I like to feel and experience the majority of the time? Just like this cactus has a flower and thorns….we can have both. We can respect both. Life has balance and order; sometimes taking a different looks helps us to feel more of this balance.

Lona Cook