Blog 29: Breaking the patterns and bringing in the new...

Hey All! I apologize for the delay in writing. It’s been a busy couple weeks. As you can see by the picture, I had the good fortune to go attend Tony Robbins’ Event - Unleash the Power Within. Wow. It was quite the experience. To watch 8k people go crazy for one man is pretty cool to see. To see 8K people jump around and dance like they are kids for hours and hours is also amazing to see. It’s like a 4 day long dance party festival, without drugs and alcohol.

Tony is a MASTER of shaking people up and getting them out of their comfort zones. Every part of the long weekend is crafted to help you see POSSIBILITY instead of the old PATTERN.

I have been obsessed in past years with also looking at patterns (in myself, in others, in nature). Think about all the things that repeat in your life? Why does this happen? (some are good by the way).

It happens because the energy of who we BE (may be broadcasting the same frequency over and over). Example, you may have a limitation in your head that says, “I am not smart enough” and you play this loop over and over and use the excuse to hold yourself back. Then you wonder why the world shows you…. “You are not smart enough.” We get what we broadcast (our beliefs, our thoughts, our inner dialogue etc.)

So if I wrap my head around the TR weekend, I would say my top three take aways are…

1). Get in a good state (exercise, change your physiology) and then make a decision

2). Catch those old loops (limitations that you say to yourself) and flip them…

Example “I am not smart enough” to “I am Intelligent and using my skills every day.”

3). FIRE WALK - oh I forgot to mention the first night we walked on fire. Talk about seeing your inner dialogue, and then making a change (to your state, your beliefs, your inner talk).

Remember, sometimes taking a weekend or a day, or an hour to work on you!!! Helps everyone!


Lona Cook