Blog 30 - A new puppy? and Ground Hog's Day or ZEST


Why is it that a baby, a puppy, or some small baby creature comes around and people go nuts? (Me included)? I was thinking about this recently as my dad just got a new lab puppy (so adorable, her name is Pearl). Why do we all lose our minds (in a good way) around new life?

Beyond the fact that the new babe is so cute and small I think another aspect that makes us all swoon over new life is the freshness to the young one. Whether it’s the curiosity and dopiness of a new pup or the “firsts” you witness with a child you see life from a new state.

I know in becoming a mother my eyes were re-opened to experiences doing small things that had new meaning again. For instance, how fun it is to swing or play Candyland or just make silly noises. Its like you get another chance at childhood or the grip of your “day-to-day” adult life loosens. You find time for so many things that you had lost touch with before.

This is a habit we all could stand to learn more of. How do you keep creating newness, freshness, a TRUE ZEST for life? How do we stay young in heart and mind as we age. Some people do it effortlessly; they quest life, new experience, and have a knack for adventure and trying new things.

Yesterday in the office a woman in her late 70s told me how she was white water rafting last week with her grandkids—AWESOME!!! And I wasn’t surprised, she has it. She has zest for life and it IS palpable.
So how do you cultivate more of that. Here are my thoughts….

  1. Say yes more often. 2. Seek out new experiences. 3. Get around youth when possible. 4. Serve others and look for opportunities to serve and be of service 5. Stop taking everything so seriously. 6. Give yourself permission to laugh at yourself or a situation and move on.

    (Ill be with you trying to do more of the above and trying to convince Kyle we also need a lab pup)

Lona Cook