Blog 31. Flexibility and some grace...

This week, flexibility is on my mind. First because we are in the midst of a period of change again or I should say more change than normal. Sometimes I feel I go running into the change and I am ready and other times …I think I am doing that… but soon I realize that I am holding back something or tentative.

This week my left wrist has been sore. This is not normal for me. When these body messages pop up I try to be aware. I educatedly can tell myself that it’s because of adjusting, or something else I did. However I also know, I adjust every week…so why this week?

Louise Hay says wrists represent movement and ease in our lives and thoughts. There is definitely some areas of life right now were I feel some gripping and white knuckling or that I am could stand to LET GO and allow ease and trust to take over.

So as I ponder that and see that many of these decisions and changes are happening particularly this week….I will have some GRACE for my body; it will be interesting to pay attention to what my body gives me for feedback. Learning to trust the messages my body sends me has been such a gift. WE all have this ability to pay attention both internally and externally and realize that we are our BEST doctor.

SO on top of lots of change going on professionally (that I am excited about and …yes…going through some fears) I decided (and begged Kyle to decide) why not add a puppy into the house too! Bring on the change! (and constant potty breaks)!

So where can you invite change and flexibility to enter back in???

Lona Cook