Blog 28: July 4th - Finding Freedom in Your Mind


I am so grateful for the freedoms I was born into. The ability to grow up feeling that I could be anything I wanted to be. The freedom to feel safe and that your life matters are basic to survival but not everyone in the world has this freedom.

I am also grateful for the freedom between my two ears.

Somehow though, whether at a young age or later stage, many of us stop being free in our own minds. We place many limitations on ourselves and our lives. We believe our routines are the only way.

We stop thinking new thoughts. We start limiting our impact. We start saying things like, “This is just how I am.” Or, “that wouldn’t work for me because I am …..shy, or loud, or bossy, or…”

….or worse yet, we don’t even have new thoughts to even question. And we start re-creating the same day over and over. YIKES.

So how do we go back to having free thought. How do we go back to dreaming. How do we keep perspective and feel ALIVE!!!? So many ways…. first seeing that there is possibility.

Can you believe it is possible for you to create something new? Can you believe it is possible for you to live a different version of reality? and can you accept that you are going to have to make some shifts in order to get to a different version?

So what are some of the most impactful ways I encourage myself to stay FREE and DREAM? Here they are:

*meditation, movement, particularly running and yoga, journaling, being in nature, listening to people who think bigger than me, comforting myself in struggles with the thought that anything can change, reading new ideas, watching the world though my sons lens as much as possible (he is four), travel. Let me say that one again…TRAVEL (it brings perspective). Saying YES to new things that come my way and new opportunities. Looking for the ease, not the struggle. Realizing struggle is also created by me and I can choose it or find a new though, action, way to BE. Sharing my ideas. Learning to use my voice to share ideas on a bigger level. Change small things, maybe my living room layout, or a new coffee, or drive a different way or run a different route, or change my hair or wardrobe. Those that know me know that the most consistent thing I do with my appearance is change. I change my hair all. the. time.

Change offers me a slightly different version; a new vantage point. Annnnnd if something is working great for me, I try to apply those strategies to other areas of my life. Ultimately, the ability to dream, feel EXCITEMENT over possibility and the process of creation is a FREEDOM that is life giving to me.

Human to human, the right to feel free is a basic need. I am grateful for the freedoms I get to experience and will keep working to help myself stay free. xo

Lona Cook