Blog 34. Shades of Gray...

AS I start to get a small amount of street credibility/ life knowledge ( at 21 I thought I knew it all, now I realize I definitely did NOT and how much more I have to learn! Can you imagine the wisdom that comes from the next 10 years alone?!). Now I am aware now of how even ONE year of life lends itself to SOOO many new experiences and opportunities to learn, changing points of view, and more depth to your human experience.

One thing I have started to notice is how many GRAY areas exist in literally everything. As far as human experience and characteristics, it’s interesting to see how one characteristic (lets say the ability to “take initiative or be assertive”) can be VERY advantageous in one area of your life and also could be the VERY characteristic that holds you back in another aspect in life.

We all have these labels that we have accepted and let them play out in our lives for good or for bad (many times with out much thought). “I’m bossy (because my brother said so 25 years ago). that’s just how I am.” “I’m quiet and I’m not good at singing (because once someone said that. And I keep my voice to myself.” “I’m too pushy” “I’m not good with money” etc etc.

I now can start to see both ends of the coin. Each characteristic or label carries benefits and negatives. A gray area exists. Before I would either see all “good” or all “bad.” Black or white. Living that way is dramatic, sensational, and exhausting.

With ability to see different sides, views, options, and “gray” areas much more peace exists. Nothing feels so absolute. Change is always possible. Ease can be found. And this to me has helped me find a much gentler way to live. It has also help me create a looser grasp on things I “knew” to be true about myself. We all can change.

Lona Cook