Blog 32. Past. Present. Future.

Do you ever stop to think about the shear miracle it is that you are experiencing life as you are today? Do you ever thing about all the synchronicities, happenings, events, small and big that created the life you now are living? Sometimes when you take a second to look back, your jaw drops.

I had one of those moments today. I decided to make TIME to go to Palmer College in Davenport IA (on a Thursday afternoon) where chiropractic all began . I had never been there.

TO even think about driving into the region that the beginnings of the life I now love and live felt intense and oddly emotional. I’ve read a lot about how chiropractic began and our founder, DD Palmer, but to walk in the areas he walked and to see his son’s BJ’s house and garden (which he called “Lil Bit o’ Heaven”) …….ahhh the feeels. Seeing the busts of their family and to think how one man (and then one family) had an idea that in a short period of time has changed the world. (And we are just get started)

It’s humbling to think about the people who came before you. The people who have paved the way to make your life what it is today…. To take time to honor them, think of them, thank them, feel gratitude. Chiropractic has made a WORLD of a difference to my own family generationally. Today was a good day. It feels good to be here in this magic and think about those who came before.

Lona Cook