Blog 25. Rest.

Happy Friday Am! How many of you think about your rest time frequently? If you are like me, I grew up in a family where MUCH more attention, priority, and celebration was given to HARD WORK, EFFORT, GSD, AND ACTION! (and don’t get me wrong, for this I am grateful, these abilities have brought many good things into my life)

I learned how to take action, look forward, make a plan and effort it into reality. I also never thought about REST or EASE or pausing.

As I have gotten older, learned from seeking out teachers, books, life experience, and understanding and being more aware I have become in my experience of when its okay to PUSH and when a rest is in order. I have also learned that many times more effective than any pushing is getting into alignment with what I want (feeling it in my heart and head and then taking action, and mixing that with allowing.)

So many times, we frustrate ourselves by pushing so much we don’t allow or see other options. So many times we push so hard we burn ourselves totally out or at the least diminish our energy reserves greatly.

Today is a day for me, where I feel the need to be gentle with myself. If I don’t allow that for myself, I certainly won’t receive that gift from someone else. We must look with in to nourish, replenish, allow, accept and move through. There are seasons in life, seasons in a day, seasons in all of nature….we are part of this energy. Recognize your seasons and listen within.

Lona Cook