Blog 26. the RIGHT AMOUNT.

HAPPY Friday All!!!

Feels good to be writing, it has been longer than a week and so I’m fresh with an idea that came through this week. Many of us have seen affirmations that say….”I am enough.” Don’t get me wrong, I think that is A BEAUTIFUL AFFIRMATION. One we all need to read on the daily. There are certainly areas of my life that hearing that phrase is just what I need.

However there are OTHER areas of my life where hearing something that sounds more like… YOU ARE THE RIGHT AMOUNT….is also okay.

Maybe it’s just me, but I perceive that affirmation to be affirming there isn’t a shortage. But MAYBE you feel there is a surplus of something in you.

You see, I think most of us have aspects or characteristics where the messaging (maybe in childhood or early adulthood) has come off as more like… YOU ARE TOO MUCH. You are too loud. Too pushy. Too bossy. Too driven. Too assertive. Too TOO Too TOO. And I am here to say, that just as we need to all accept that we are ENOUGH we are also not TOO much.

We are enough when it comes to all of WHO WE BE. In its glorious perceived surpluses and shortages we all still remain ENOUGH because UNIVERSE (or GOD) brings through divine perfection and right timing. Even when we question in or rail against it. YOU are ENOUGH because you are here in perfect ORDER. BE YOU. Let the messaging that may have taught you that you were TOO MUCH be released and accept yourself for what YOU ARE. Then step into that power.

If we play down who we be, how will we leave a mark on this world that is authentic???

Think about some of the worlds greats and realize they were GREAT because they were letting their greatness come through for the most part unadulterated. I am sure they always receive positive messaging about that. WE went to BJ Palmers (the most influential chiropractor ever, his dad-DD is the founder of chiropractic) mansion last week…whew…if that wasn’t a lesson in being who you BE - I don’t know what else is. The entire house was full of his passions. World travels. His mark on the world and who he BE. WE all can leave our legacy as we accept our fullness. WE are enough and we are just the right amount. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!!!

Lona Cook